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Freestyle Photo
5124 Sunset Blvd  |  Los Angeles, CA 90027


Thursday / August 13 / 7pm / #5



Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery

“Master the challenges of commercial portrait lighting in the studio and on location”

Jennifer (Zivolich) Emery is an award winning photographer, educator, and author. She specializes in Commercial Portrait, Fashion, Celebrity & Lifestyle Photography. Jennifer will discuss how she has mastered the challenges of her profession as well as demonstrating some of the lighting design techniques she uses in her business.

This is a free event!

Keystone Art Space / ArtLab
2558 N. San Fernando Road
Los Angeles CA 90065

Street and Roof Parking is available at Keystone Art Space
Look for ramp to roof next to building

Thursday / September 10 /  7pm


Open Show / Pasadena East LA / #3

Keystone Art Space / 2558 N. San Fernando Rd / Los Angeles CA 90065

At each Open Show, presenters from students to award-winning professionals will show and discuss with the audience their photographic or video project based on a narrative, topic or single visual style that can be from diverse genres including reportage, art, commercial, historical and others.

Submitting Photographic Projects (Submissions are Free)

To submit projects and get more information on this international project, go to the Open Show Website www.openshow.org then go to our venue, Open Show-Pasadena East LA. All levels of photographers from emerging to professional and filmmakers are encouraged to submit their work.

Admission is Free!


PasadenaPhotographyArts and Open Show give the public a rare chance to talk directly with creators of photography. Our low-barrier and free shows allow anyone to ask about a project’s technical process, hear amazing backstories and more. Open Show is a social umbrella, connecting diverse organizations and individuals through rotating venues. We shape unique experiences that foster visual literacy.

It’s our hope that Open Show-Pasadena East LA will strengthen our photography community and bring together the public and artistic community in discussion of photography.


The Forum and Open Show are sponsored and produced by PasadenaPhotographyArts


PasadenaPhotographyArts is a project of Pasadena Arts Council / EMERGE Program

Araya Diaz: Fetish
Izumi Tanaka: Urban Haiku 4
Alexis Gerard: Davis, CA (January 2013)

photo: Julie Grace Immink
Rhapsody in Blue
1st Place in PPA Contest 01

photo: Norman Lambert
3rd Place in PPA Contest 01

photo: Ted Dayton
2nd Place in PPA Contest 01

photo: Araya Diaz
1st Place in PPA Contest 02

photo: Izumi Tanaka
Urban Haiku 4
2nd Place in PPA Contest 02

photo: Alexis Gerard
Davis, CA (January 2013)
3rd Place in PPA Contest 02

photo: Debe Arlook
1st Place in PPA Contest 03

photo: Barbara Moses
Untitled 1
2nd Place in PPA Contest 03

photo: Aoife Shanahan
3rd Place in PPA Contest 03