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Pasadena Photography Arts’ Forum and Open Show

both meet at

Jackie Robinson Community Center
1020 North Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena CA 91103

PARKING:  Generally, there is adequate parking but occasionally there are conflicting meetings at the center.
So… leave extra time to find parking on the street.


Thursday / December 8 / 7pm / #13


Friðgeir Helgason
“Mood” and “Sand Snjór”

Friðgeir Helgason was born on the small island of Vestmannaeyjar off of the south coast of Iceland. At 6 years old, he and his family were evacuated to escape a volcanic eruption that in the weeks that followed, lead to the loss of their home.

He spent most of his formative years in Reykjavík with summer breaks spent at sea working on fishing trawlers and merchant marine ships. Friðgeir dropped out of school when the Prime Minister of Iceland, Steingrimur Hermansson, gave him a ticket to Europe for winning the equivalent of Rock n’ Roll Jeopardy. He set off to see the world.

Friðgeir first visited the United States as a tourist, arriving on Christmas Day in 1986. Within a few years, he was living in Louisiana, working as a promising young chef in New Orleans.

In 2004, Friðgeir’s personal life collapsed – homeless and addicted – he was living in a cardboard box on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. He checked himself into the Midnight Mission, where he resided for a year and a half, formally graduating from the program in 2006. During his stay at the mission, he returned to school, studying Cinematography at Los Angeles City College. During a requisite Beginning Photography Class, Friðgeir discovered his creative voice in photography.

Friðgeir Helgason shoots film on a 6×7 Medium Format Camera and a 4×5 Large Format Camera. He prints in both color and black and white.


Hekla (above) from the series Mood

This is a free event!

Jackie Robinson Community Center
1020 North Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena CA 91103


A NOTE ON PARKING: Generally there is adequate parking but occasionally there are conflicting meetings at the Center so please leave extra time to find parking on the street, if necessary.

Thursday / January 12 /  7pm

PasadenaPhotographyArts invites you to submit photography and attend


Open Show / Pasadena East LA / #12


We have several great presenters…

Ann Elliot Cutting presenting
“Recent Work”

Steven Han presenting
“Streets of New York”

Ulysses Salicido presenting
“Woe Is Me”

Anthony Ledesma presenting
“Cruising the Boulevard Los Riders in Los Angeles”

At each Open Show, presenters from students to award-winning professionals will show and discuss with the audience their photographic or video project based on a narrative, topic or single visual style that can be from diverse genres including reportage, art, commercial, historical and others.

Submitting Photographic Projects (Submissions are Free)

Visit the Open Show Website and go to Open Show-Pasadena East LA

All levels of photographers from emerging to professional and filmmakers are encouraged to submit their work.

Admission is Free!
And no RSVP is necessary to attend

OS Audience Pasadena-East LA

PasadenaPhotographyArts and Open Show give the public a rare chance to talk directly with creators of photography. Our low-barrier and free shows allow anyone to ask about a project’s technical process, hear amazing backstories and more. Open Show is a social umbrella, connecting diverse organizations and individuals through rotating venues. We shape unique experiences that foster visual literacy.

It’s our intention that Open Show-Pasadena East LA will strengthen our photography community and bring together the public and artistic community in discussion of photographyThe Forum and Open Show are sponsored and produced by PasadenaPhotographyArts


PasadenaPhotographyArts is a project of Pasadena Arts Council / EMERGE Program

Araya Diaz: Fetish
Izumi Tanaka: Urban Haiku 4
Alexis Gerard: Davis, CA (January 2013)

photo: Julie Grace Immink
Rhapsody in Blue
1st Place in PPA Contest 01

photo: Norman Lambert
3rd Place in PPA Contest 01

photo: Ted Dayton
2nd Place in PPA Contest 01

photo: Araya Diaz
1st Place in PPA Contest 02

photo: Izumi Tanaka
Urban Haiku 4
2nd Place in PPA Contest 02

photo: Alexis Gerard
Davis, CA (January 2013)
3rd Place in PPA Contest 02

photo: Debe Arlook
1st Place in PPA Contest 03

photo: Barbara Moses
Untitled 1
2nd Place in PPA Contest 03

photo: Aoife Shanahan
3rd Place in PPA Contest 03